Sale photos - earn money —

Sale photos – earn money

Photo banks list:

Today I would like to talk about methods of making money online by selling photos on photo stocks.

Photo banks are websites through which many photographers sell their own photos.
Remember anecdote?

Photographer presents the work to the customer. The customer is satisfied with the whole agrees:
– Well, everything seems to be accepted!
– Excellent, pay $ 100.
Customer, giving money, “I hope if then need to be refined, it is possible to speak to you? It’s not so much that once made and forgotten? ”
– Of course, depending on what and how to be corrected.
– Of course! I will not say, “Let’s change everything!”
– No problem. Incidentally, another moment. Will I then if I have suddenly run out of money or any new plans to ask you to pay a little bit about the money? It is a trifle, I need very rarely, I think you do not mind.
– ???
– Do not you worry! I’m not going to come to you to say, “Pay me again!” 😉

You may say that it does not happen.
Nevertheless, it is possible to repeatedly sell your photos and receive money for them again for an unlimited time.
For this purpose a special website – photobank, more precisely, microstock.
This is a huge collection of images protected by copyright.
At its core, an intermediary between buyers and photographers photographs. And between the authors and buyers of other materials.
Buyers photos are editors, site owners, designers, who need photos.
The use of other people’s photos from the Internet threatens legal action for copyright infringement. You should either buy the right to use photos or hire a photographer or photograph yourself.
It would seem that complicated? When someone needed a picture, often think that it is enough to buy a camera and make the desired pictures.

If you bought a flute, then you have a flute. If you bought the camera, you – the photographer :)

First of all, why buy a camera and other equipment for a few shots? Even for the sake of a few tens or hundreds of pictures.
Secondly, make a good picture, not everyone can.
Trying to shoot portraits of yourself, someone said:
– I can spoil each one finger!
– You must have a master in karate?
– I’m a photographer! 😀
You can hire a professional photographer for more money and not seeing the result in advance.
However, it is cheaper to buy a photo agency The several dollars apiece, selecting them from millions of high-quality photos.

High earnings of photographers on the sale of photos made possible by the fact that each photo can be sold repeatedly and indefinitely.

Photo banks perform the following functions:
Sale of photos. All photos are distributed on the subject headings. Each photograph is accompanied by a description and a list of keywords. Photobanks have built-in search engine for searching photos based on keywords. There is a billing system for receiving payments from buyers and pictures for payments photographers.
Sale of videos, drawings, vector image, flash-clips, audio recordings.
Online earnings for photographers, artists, illustrators, videographers and others.
Protection of copyright for photos and other copyrighted material.
Ensuring the legality of the use of images buyers.

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